Call to Action: Save Our Service System.


May 2015

65 State Senators and Assembly Members in the California legislature have signed a letter in support of increased funding for developmental services, as recommended by Senator Jim Beall and the Lanterman Coalition.

But The Governor’s updated Budget, called the May Revise, does not include the Lanterman Coalitions’s budget request.

But your call can change that!

Have you called these key legislators and asked them to #KeepThePromise? And more importantly, have you asked your friends, your coworkers, and your community to make the call? We have barely 48 hours left to convince the Legislature to push back against the Governor. He’s fine with letting our system crumble for another year – but if you put on enough pressure, the Legislature might be willing to #KeepThePromise.

We only have from NOW and 5pm Wednesday, May 20th. Can you raise your voice and make a phone call today? Tell these legislators why it is critically important for them to support the Lanterman Coalition’s Budget position!