DDS Submits Application for Self Determination Pro


January 2015

On December 31, 2014, the legally mandated deadline, the Department of Developmental Services submitted a Home and Community Based Services Waiver application seeking federal funding for California’s proposed Self-Determination Program. Here is the message from DDS:

“The Department of Developmental Services is pleased to announce that on December 31, 2014, a Home and Community-Based Services Waiver application seeking federal funding for the Self-Determination Program was submitted to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). A copy of the Waiver application will be posted on the Department’s Web site soon. We are very appreciative of the significant efforts of the stakeholder advisory group that has been instrumental in assisting the Department in completing the Waiver application, and we look forward to getting continued input from a wide range of sources as we progress toward implementing the program.

As required by law, securing federal funding is necessary in order to implement the Self-Determination Program. CMS has 90 days to take one of three actions on the Waiver application (approve; deny; or request additional information). It is very likely CMS will request additional information to clarify information in the Waiver application which will lead to an extended review period beyond the initial 90 days.
While CMS is reviewing the Waiver application, there is still much work to do including the development of training and informational materials regarding Self-Determination. We’ll continue to post progress updates on the Self-Determination Program website as we move toward implementation.”
John Schmidt
Department of Developmental Services