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Down Syndrome Parent to Parent: Noah’s Birth Story

Posted by Nancy Spiegel. Written by Jennifer Bronwell.
Jeff and I were newlyweds in our mid to late 30s and we had decided that we wanted to start trying to have a family right away. We were blessed with conception almost immediately. We were working with a midwife, planning home delivery. We had taken Bradley child birthing classes and we had declined genetic prenatal testing. Our beliefs are that we wouldn’t alter the pregnancy. We had done everything “right”-no caffeine, no alcohol, acrylic nails removed, no fast food, tons of prenatal vitamins….

Blog Nancy Spiegel

Down Syndrome Parent To Parent: Good Friday

Posted by Nancy Spiegel. Written by Kerry Ryerson.
A brand new world opened up to me that early spring day in Augusta, Georgia. It was Friday, March 28, 1986 – Good Friday and Sean’s actual due date!!! The dogwood trees were starting to bloom and it was a beautiful day! Sean had been born two weeks early on Friday, March 14. He had been home for one week after having spent his first week of life under the bilirubin lights in the hospital. Every morning of his first week at home I had taken Sean to the hospital to have his heel pricked to check his bilirubin count, followed by a quick trip to the pediatrician, Dr. Hansen. My mom and my 22 month-old daughter Ajda had accompanied me each time.