Advocacy for Service Coordination Funding

For More Client/Family Contact and Support


California’s 21 regional centers, represented together as the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), are supporting a number of Budget proposals to help our community. Together, we’re pushing for sufficient funding to hire enough service coordinators to meet both your needs and the promises of the Lanterman Act.

Budgeted costs for service coordinators have been underfunded and unchanged for two decades. As a result of this underfunding, in 2020 we had a shortfall of 850 service coordinators statewide. Having too few service coordinators harms service delivery and people served, especially diverse communities. The pandemic drove that point home, with new crises overstretching staff resources.

Fortunately, Assemblymember Jim Frazier, from the East Bay, has once again risen to the challenge of fighting for our community. He will be formally requesting California provide up to $55 million to fix this. Asm. Frazier has a long history of championing the needs of people with developmental disabilities. So it’s no surprise he’d see how important it is to provide excellent service coordination! 

Join In Support This Wednesday, the 17th! 

Are you free Wednesday afternoon? Do you want to help support better service coordination? Join us starting at 2:30pm! During the hearing, there will be “public comment,” which is your chance to phone in to say:

I support Assemblymember Frazier’s request for service coordination funding!”

There are two ways to join….

By Wednesday morning, a phone number and access code will be posted right here on the Assembly Budget Committee’s website

There’s also the easy way!