Bullying: What it is, How to Recognize it, and What to Do About it


What is bullying?

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior towards a person that often happens again and again. Bullying includes teasing, name calling, written and verbal abuse, threats, physical assault, and other hurtful behavior. Bullying is meant to threaten or intimidate the victim.
Take a look at the article here to learn more about how to prevent bullying.

Recognize it

Bullying can be hard to recognize. Click on this link to look at a PowerPoint for adults with developmental disabilities or the Fact Sheet for supporters.

Talk about it

Have you ever been bullied or have you ever witnessed someone being bullied? Do you want to know more about what to do? This page provides you with links to information on how to talk about bullying, how to create a safe environment, and a video about how to stop bullying.