Expressing Herself: Adriana


“Adriana creates detailed whimsical line drawings, incorporating images of faces, animals and houses. Her work is translated beautifully into intaglio prints and carvings in ceramics.”

Adriana Homsi began receiving arts training, part-time, at the ECF Art Center in San Pedro. Her mother Barbara Homsi recalls, “She had always showed a talent for Picasso-type drawings. When I found out about the Art Center, I was thrilled.”

Adriana now also enjoys working in ceramics and printmaking. Adriana’s work is for sale at the Art Center along with that of other artists.

Her HRC Service Coordinator noted that her artistic expression has really blossomed with the support and direction of the Art Center artists and staff.

Adriana also gets to express her love of animals while working at her volunteer job. The cats are her special favorite. Easter Seal Society of California arranged her volunteer position at the Harbor Animal Care Center, and supports her in her work there twice a week.

Doing work she loves, expanding her artistic expression, and being respected as her own person have helped Adriana become a more self-sufficient and confident young adult. She is now doing things that she and her family never dreamed she would do.