You Are the Expert

Blog Kathie Sarles

How many of us take the time to think about parenting? We are parents, we love our children, but the “how to” and the “what to do” get lost in the” just getting it done.” Who has time to think about parenting, while you are in the midst of parenting!

Taking the time to think about how we parent is an important part of being a thinking, positive parent for our children. Giving ourselves the time to step aside and look at what we do makes us more consistent, more positive and allows us more time to just have fun with our children! When we take this time and connect to other parents we gain a new perspective and learn new strategies to help us through the tough times. We also gain the confidence and the realization that we are truly the expert on our children. We know them best.

Come join us for a 5 week parenting classe called Positive Parenting the Young Child. October 5th begins the next session in the Long Beach office and then we are back to Torrance in February. Call to get more information and/or to register 310- 792-4597.