Community Integration (Social Rec) Grants

Social Recreation for Children and Adolescents


In 2021, American Rescue Plan Act provided the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) $12.5 million for Grants for Enhanced Community Integration for Children and Adolescents (Social Rec Grants). Grants will fund projects that enhance and develop integrated and inclusive social and recreational programs for families, children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

DDS awarded grants to community groups in all 21 regional centers to increase opportunities for Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

In Harbor Regional Center’s service area, the below five (5) grants were awarded and focuses on improving access for people from diverse monolingual and multilingual communities who have faced challenges in accessing regional center services.

These grants are available NOW until December 31, 2023. 
  1. Our Village 
    This is a social skills group and is an expansion of the social skills training offered by Our Village. The program aims to enhance community connections for the individual, helping to find activities that the individual enjoys, and includes providing parent support.  Our Village will help form a bridge from classes to community resources. |
    View Our Village Flyer   Ver folleto de Our Village   日本語でチラシを見る   មើលខិត្តប័ណ្ណជាភាសាខ្មែរ   Tingnan ang flyer sa Tagalog   한국어로 전단지 보기
  2. Aceing Autism  
    This local, adaptive tennis program focuses on teaching and training in order to develop tennis skills. | (310) 401-0544
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  3. Self-Determined Futures 
    Promotes engaging friendships, connecting to a variety of community organizations that offer additional social and rec opportunities. Community engagement activities may include fairs, parks and recreation, and much more. | (562) 335-7867
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  4. AbilityFirst Long Beach
    This pilot after-school social rec program will offer participants opportunities to engage with their peers on campus and in the community.  This program is currently offered for the Millikan High School and Tucker Adult Community Transition Program sites and maybe expanding to Polytechnic, Wilson, Jordan and Lakewood High Schools.  This program supports participants who are 13-21 years of age. Activities include school-based clubs, sporting events, community events that are age-appropriate. | | (562) 426-6161
    View AbilityFirst Flyer   Ver folleto de AbilityFirst   日本語でチラシを見る   មើលខិត្តប័ណ្ណជាភាសាខ្មែរ    Tingnan ang flyer sa Tagalog   한국어로 전단지 보기
  5. Understanding Needed Integration (UNI)
    Offers individualized planning for resources in the individual’s community and allows the participant to engage in social recreation opportunities with support. There are some training and education opportunities for the community program, as well as assistance with funding for activity fees. | | (310) 756-6705
    View UNI Brochure    Ver folleto de UNI    日本語でチラシを見る   មើលខិត្តប័ណ្ណជាភាសាខ្មែរ   Tingnan ang flyer sa Tagalog   한국어로 전단지 보기

These programs are 100% funded through the grant and interested individuals/families can contact the programs directly for participation. A referral from the regional center is not necessary.

 Update: On July 14, 2023, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) awarded the California Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and California State Alliance of YMCAs (Alliances) with $3,664.049 to enhance social and recreational programs for individuals served by regional centers. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach is offering an After-School Program, at no-cost for the entire school year. Transportation opportunities are available. Contact the program directly to enroll. | | (562) 595-5945
View Boys and Girls Club Flyer - English/Spanish     View Boys and Girls Club Flyer - Khmer/Tagalog