What is the Self-Determination Program?

Informational Webinar

Family Training

Learn about the Self Determination Program, how to participate, and the roles and responsibilities of the client, family, regional center, financial management service, and other members of the self determination support team. If you believe you may be interested in putting your name on the list for selection to join this program, you must attend an informational meeting offered by the regional center or other community agency.

This webinar will be offered in English in April, and in Spanish in May. For information or to request interpretation in other languages, contact Carol.Bloch@harborrc.org

Join us for an Informational Webinar

Please watch also for  upcoming information on Orientations for those who want to participate in this program, starting in May:

  • English- May 13th, 6-8 and May 25th 3-5
  • Spanish- May 15th 9:30 -11:30