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Volunteers Are The Heart Of Our Service

Volunteers are a vital resource to Harbor Regional Center, the Resource Center, and to our community of families. Harbor Regional Center offers a large variety of volunteer opportunities. By joining the HRC volunteer program, you have the opportunity to make new friends, develop social skills, and make a direct contribution to protecting the rights and promoting the interests of people with developmental disabilities.

We have Parent-to-Parent Support volunteers who assist families in making the adjustment to the regional center and help in times of transition. These gracious and knowledgeable parents also write articles for our various publications, help with community events, participate in or lead support groups, and help in the resource library.

We have a wonderful group of adult client volunteers who assist us in the resource library, help various teams with mailings, and aid us at our community events. We offer training for new Parent Mentor volunteers at least once a year, or more often if needed.

There are also opportunities for others from the community to volunteer at Harbor Regional Center or in the HRC Resource Center. We have had boy and girl scouts, high school and college students working to fulfill volunteer requirements, as well as interested community individuals who donate their time to assist us in providing outstanding services for our clients and their families. Your skills may be in fundraising, filing, handling inventory, answering the telephone, or assisting us to maintain up-to-date resource informtion in the Resource Center or on this website. We can use them all.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering your time, you may:


Información para inmigrantes

August 2019

En Caso de Redadas, Que Puedes Hacer?

Descargar Folleto [file:1901


La regla de “carga pública” ahora está vigente. Es una prueba que se utilizará en personas que intentan inmigrar u obtener una tarjeta verde. Los funcionarios de inmigración deberán analizar todos los detalles relevantes sobre una persona (la “totalidad de las circunstancias”) para decidir si es probable que necesiten usar programas de beneficios. Esto solo se aplica a la persona que intenta cambiar su estado migratorio.