Helping Our Clients in Need

You can make a difference for a child or adult with a developmental disability!


We gratefully accept donations for the Harbor Help Fund and Food for Clients throughout the year.

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Dear Friend,

Each year, we remember our clients and families who are less fortunate. During typical years, some of our clients and families have additional needs that fall outside of our guidelines for purchasing or providing services. Because of this, we have established the Harbor Help Fund, supported by donations, that enables us to purchase supports that can be vital to the quality of our clients’ lives. This fund is used for emergencies and basic needs such as clothing, food, and other supports for clients in need.

This year, many families have been faced with new challenges during the pandemic, and struggle to put food on the table during this difficult time. If you are able to give, we are asking for donations, which we will use to support these families, many of whom are facing even more difficulty due to the pandemic, loss of income, health issues, and housing insecurity. With your help, we can show these families that they are part of a caring Harbor Regional Center community.

Harbor Regional Center is a private, non-profit (501 c-3) organization which provides services to more than 16,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities, and their families, in the greater Long Beach and South Bay areas of Los Angeles County. Developmental disabilities include intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and other similar conditions. Funds we receive to serve these families under contract with the state allow us to provide services and support for needs that are related to their developmental disabilities, but do not allow us to provide help for the basic needs of everyday living.

Our contributors include individuals, families, clubs, youth groups, businesses, coworker groups… and members of our own staff and Board. All of these contributors have shown that their concern and generosity towards others in need is alive and well during the holiday season. If you are able to be a new contributor to the program, a returning donor, or invite your friends and coworkers to join you in supporting Harbor Regional Center’s Harbor Help Fund and Food for Clients, we thank you very sincerely for your kind and thoughtful support!

You can donate online at, or use the flyer below to donate by mail.

Food for Clients

We hope you stay well, and wish you a wonderful year ahead.


Patrick Ruppe
Executive Director