The documents below are compiled here as an electronic “information packet” for our community, especially for new families becoming acquainted with HRC, and are available here to download.

Family Letter (english & spanish)
Important Milestones (english & spanish))
Speech Language Developmental Milestones Age 0-5 (english) (spanish)
Speech Language Activites Age 0-2 (english & spanish)
Speech Language Activites Age 2-4 (english)
Developmental Toys Bibliography (english)
Developmental Toy Lending Library (english & spanish)
Early Intervention Bibliography (english)
Speech & Language Bibliography (english & spanish)
Parents’ Rights Summary (english) (spanish)
Hand in Hand (english) Coloborando Con Ustedes (spanish)
Your HRC Counselor (english) Su Consejero (spanish)
Harbor Early Start Partnership Brochure (english)
Harbor Happenings (click here)
Bookets Online (english) (spanish)
HRC Resource Center Loan Agreement (english & spanish)
Online Catalog (click here) (flyer english) (flyer spanish)
Resource Center Hours (english) (spanish)
Map (english & spanish)
Training and Events Catalog (click here)