Guide for Job Seekers & Workers with a Disability


by William D. Goren
Attorney, consultant, blogger, and author of “Understanding the ADA,” fourth edition (ABA 2013), and numerous articles on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Because of the undeserved stigma attached to disabled workers, individuals with disabilities often face incredible odds when searching for employment. This is a sad truth, but one that can be overcome if you know your rights.

This guide was created to introduce disabled workers and job-seekers to the rights afforded to them by federal and state governments. In addition, we offer useful tips for finding a job, advice on staying gainfully employed, and guidance that can help you talk with an existing employer about making reasonable accommodation for you.

Having any kind of disability does not preclude you from earning a living and supporting your family, nor should it. However, you may need to try harder than others to find employment that will adequately use your skillset without testing your disability or causing you undue harm.

Keep reading below to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a disabled worker, and best practices for moving forward. Additionally, find disability resources to help you further your understanding on specific topics, such as student information, and home and auto modifications, home loans, refinancing, car insurance, and in-depth student assistance, scholarships, and grants.

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