Community Services Manager (Contracts)



Responsible for managing the successful delivery of community-based services for people with developmental disabilities and their families, through oversight and renewal of the Center’s Service Agreements, Grants, and any agreement updates for approved Health and Safety Waivers. Manager will provide oversight of any funds awarded through Grants (overseen by the Department of Community Services) and CPP/CRDP development pursuant to the Lanterman Act and applicable state regulations as well as the policies established by the Harbor Regional Center Board of Trustees. The primary goal of this position is to support the timely, effective and efficient functioning of tracking, and renewing Service Agreements.


1.   Prepare and process service provider agreements, rate pages, contracts, grants and/or consultant agreements, which includes administering agreements, managing contracted partners, managing invoicing and monitoring performance to ensure alignment with agreed scope of work.

2.   Coordinate with HRC’s Fiscal Department to resolve open issues relating to the monitoring of service agreements, grants, deliverables, etc.

3.   Process disbursements for CPP/CRDP and grant funding for Center, including troubleshooting and providing recommendations if issues arise.

4.   Create and maintain electronic files for Service Agreements, Grants and CPP/CRDP funding.

5.   Assist in audit preparations, provide compliance reports and other required reports as assigned.

6.   Provides leadership, knowledge and management of Service Agreements to support resource development, provider relations and clinical teams.

7.   Technical support may also be provided to service providers based on items specific to their service agreements.

8.   Knowledgeable of Title 17 and Title 22 regulations and CPP/CRDP guidelines.

9.   Assists in developing expertise among members of Community Services through coaching and modeling and by providing and promoting continuous learning opportunities.

10.  Knowledgeable of Title 17 and Title 22 regulations and CPP/CRDP guidelines.

11.  Facilitates problem-solving in complex circumstances involving direct service providers and other community-based organizations related to Service Agreements.

12.  Maintains current knowledge of best practices for clinicians and other direct service providers as set forth in the laws and regulations applicable to their field of practice or the services they provide.

13.  Maintains confidentiality regarding clients and families in compliance with HIPAA regulations and Regional Center policies.


Performs related duties as required.


The incumbent is in a non-confined setting in which they are free to move about at will. The environment for this position is mostly clean and comfortable but may include some minor annoyances such as noise, odors, drafts, etc. In addition, the incumbent spends time at group homes and other community facilities. The incumbent will be exposed to volatile and emotional clients and their families. 

In the course of performing this work, the incumbent may also be required to travel via personal vehicle or public transportation to other facilities, group homes, service providers, and community locations as needed. He or she:

  • Will spend time sitting, utilizing the computer.
  • Will spend time standing/walking throughout the facilities and group homes.
  • May lift up to 15 lbs. periodically.  If more, the incumbent must request assistance.
  • May stoop or stretch to access file cabinets, shelves.

The individual in this position may operate any standard office equipment including telephones, copy machines, scanning equipment, computer peripheral equipment, etc.

The incumbent must be able to perform this job safely, without endangering their health or safety  or that of others.  Individuals with disabilities that may impact their ability to perform these duties are encouraged to meet with Human Resources to discuss options for accommodation.


These specifications are general guidelines based on the minimum experience normally considered essential to the satisfactory performance of this job.  Individual abilities may result in some deviation from these guidelines.

To perform effectively in this position, the incumbent must have:

  • A Master’s degree in social work, psychology or related clinical/human services discipline
  • Several years of experience in programs providing direct services to individuals with      developmental disabilities
  • Experience working with others from diverse cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Familiarity with the laws and regulations governing services and supports for people with developmental disabilities; especially including the Lanterman Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and related regulations.
  • Working knowledge of community-based resources to address special needs of clients.
  • Current California driver’s license and State-required insurance required when using personal vehicle on Center business and a driving record acceptable to the organization and/or its insurance carrier.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, including the ability to read and understand statutory language and other legal documents, and write reports that may be interpreted within the legal system.
  • Demonstrated managerial skills; strong problem-solving skills and demonstrated ability to apply independent judgment in critical situations; conflict resolution skills.
  •  Training skills including curriculum development and implementation. 
  • Strong problem-solving skills and demonstrated ability to apply independent judgment in critical situations; conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to be flexible and work in a changing environment.
  • Computer skills sufficient to meet production demands of the job including Microsoft Office, Excel, Laserfishe and VirtualCHART software for client notes and reports.
  • Maintains respectful and clear communication with supervisor and coworkers.
  • Accepts guidance, constructive advice and supervision.
  • Seeks clarification or support as needed.
  • Attends all meetings, trainings and conferences assigned.
  • Ability to work varied hours including occasional evenings, nights and weekends.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures of the Regional Center.
  • Ability to model positive behaviors and Regional Center values.

Other Requirement: Upon job offer acceptance, candidates will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and booster, if eligible. A reasonable accommodation may be requested for an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Starting Salary Range:  $78,291 – $82,597

Equal Opportunity Employer

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