The Direct Service Professional (DSP) Training Stipend Program


The Direct Service Professional (DSP) Training Stipend Program is one of the DDS’s Workforce Initiatives. Beginning September 1, 2023, DSPs may receive up to two $625 (before taxes) stipends when they complete online training courses approved by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) available in the ARCA Learning Center. Service Providers are eligible to receive $150 for employer related cost. All training courses must be completed by June 30th, 2024.

It is required that DSPs complete the Code of Ethics training first and select an additional training course:

An Introduction to informed Decision-Making for Direct Support Processionals

DSPs and the Home and Community Based Service Setting Rule (HCBS): What You Need to Know

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the training stipend, DSPs, including some frontline supervisors and clinical staff, must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Work as a paid DSP an average of 10 hours or more per week;
  • Perform direct support tasks like skills development, guidance, and personal assistance to individuals served by a regional center as a regular part of their job duties;
  • Spend at least 50% of work hours doing direct support tasks; and
  • Are employed by a regional center vendor, or by a participant in the Self-Determination Program.

For the purpose of this training stipend program, the following are not eligible even if a portion of their work involves providing direct support:

Staff paid through a funding source other than the regional center, such as Medi-Cal, health insurance or a school district; with the exception of DSPs working in ICF/DD, ICF/DD-H, and ICF/DD-N

  • Those who only provide intermittent service such as home modification, and/or meal delivery services;
  • Staff hired through temporary personnel agency;
  • Contract or 1099 workers;
  • On-call or PRN workers;
  • Volunteers; and
  • Administrative or supervisory staff, unless they spend 50% or more of their time doing direct support work.

The first step for service providers is to request the Direct Service Professional (DSP) Training Stipend Agreement by sending an email to HRC is asking that you identify a primary contact within your agency for ongoing communication and processing of DSP stipends. In your email, please include the full name and contact information for your agency’s primary contact person as they will receive the DSP Training Stipend Agreement via DocuSign. HRC developed a DSP Training Stipend Program handout that is recommend service providers share with DSPs prior to taking the training courses. The handout includes helpful registration tips and information regarding the DSP Training Stipend Program.

DSP Training Stipend Program Service Provider Webinar PowerPoint

HRC DSP Training Stipend Program HANDOUT for DSPs.

If you have any questions, please email

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