HRC 2021-2022 Request for Proposals

Self-Determination Program: Independent Coaching


Self-Determination Program: Independent Coaching

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2022 by 11:59pm PST 
Proposals submitted after the above deadline will not be considered

Background Information and Announcement:

Self-Determination Local Volunteer Advisory Committees were established by law to provide oversight of the Self-Determination Program (SDP) and make recommendations for improvement to each local regional center and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). In accordance with Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4685.8(g), Harbor Regional Center (HRC) has received funds from the Department of Developmental Services to support the implementation of the Self-Determination Program, as described in its September 20, 2020 Directive, “Funding to Support Implementation of the Self-Determination Program.”

Guidance from the Department of Developmental Services was given regarding the use of these funds, including the required collaboration with Local Volunteer Advisory Committees (LVAC) in determining local priorities for the funding. Welfare and Institutions Code section 4685.8(g) specifies these funds shall be used to maximize the ability of SDP participants to direct their own lives. The Department of Developmental Services (DDS), in consultation with stakeholders, identified priority areas for the funding including:

• Recruitment and training of independent facilitators;

• Joint training for participants, families, regional centers, LVAC members and others;

• Support or coaching in making the transition to SDP;

• Assistance with spending plan development;

• Orientation support which could include costs for speakers/presenters, and development of modification of materials; and

• Collaborative groups/workshops to foster ongoing, shared learning and problem-solving opportunities.

From these areas, the SDP Local Volunteer Advisory Committee at Harbor Regional Center has chosen to prioritize the development of a one-on-one coaching program. The purpose of this project is to provide assistance to Harbor Regional Center participants who wish to expedite transition to full enrollment in the Self-Determination Program. 

The prospective applicant must demonstrate a strong understanding of the Self-Determination Program. The prospective applicant must also be able to work collaboratively with others in a multi-agency, interdisciplinary configuration (e.g., individuals served, families, regional center, SDP Local Volunteer Advisory Committee) for the successful support of the individual.

Goals: [1] To provide assistance to individuals from Harbor Regional Center who have opted for participation in the Self-Determination Program after completing Orientation in order to expedite a smooth transition to full enrollment. [2] Also to provide education and information about the Self- Determination Program to in order to better enable participants to make an informed decision about their choice to fully enroll in the program.

Total Funds available for this project is: up to $80,874

Avoiding Conflict of Interest:

Contractor agrees not to have any conflict of interest. While providing the services hereunder, Contractor shall not be an employee of the State of California, State Council on Developmental Disabilities, Department of Developmental Services, or Harbor Regional Center. Further, if any individual selects Contractor to act as such participant’s Independent Facilitator (as defined in Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4658.8(c) (2)), this Agreement shall automatically terminate at that time with respect to such participant. At all times Contractor acts as Independent Facilitator for a participant, (i) Contractor shall not otherwise provide services to such participant pursuant to their Individual Program Plan (IPP), and (ii) Contractor shall not be employed by, or otherwise receive compensation of any nature from any person or entity providing services to the participant pursuant their IPP. 

Eligible Applicants:

Both nonprofit and proprietary organizations are eligible to apply.  Employees of Regional Centers are not eligible to apply. Applicants must disclose any potential conflicts of interest per Title 17 Section 54500.  The applicant must secure and maintain their own liability insurance at the time of the award of this Request for Proposal. Applicants must be in good standing with Regional Centers.

Qualifications Sought in an Applicant:

1. Understanding of SDP and the steps needed to fully transition into the program.

2. Person-Centered Planning and Independent Facilitator training. Proof of training/certification is required.

3. Significant experience in creating Person-Centered Plans, plus demonstrated success in supporting individuals to fully enroll in California’s Self-Determination Program.

4. Strengths in a variety of Person-Centered Plan approaches, active listening, and teamwork skills.

5. Experience with providing direct services/supports to persons with developmental disabilities.

6. Extensive understanding regarding unmet needs, budget certification and spending plan development.

7. Ability to read, write, and speak English. Other preferred languages for service delivery include Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and/or Mandarin.

8. Cultural sensitivity and resourcefulness to help support individuals to overcome barriers to full enrollment.

9. Understanding of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Final Rule and how it applies to the Self-Determination Program.

10. A history of positive working relationships with the community and applicable government agencies. If applicant is a current vendor, applicant must be in good standing with the regional

11. Experience in project development, including the ability to complete projects, meet project timelines and manage a project of this size and scope.

View entire RFP, Proposal Writing Guidelines and other Requirements here: RFP for SDP Independent Coaching

Submission of proposals:

All proposals must conform to the attached Proposal Writing Guidelines and Content Requirements. The applicant must submit the completed proposal as one electronic copy to