June 29, 2018


The application for federal funding of the Self Determination Program Waiver has been approved.

Updated estimated timeline for implementation–

The Department of Developmental Services, in collaboration with the self-determination advisory workgroup and other stakeholders, has been working on the major components necessary to implement the Self-Determination Program (SDP). Outlined below are some of the major components requiring completion prior to the SDP becoming operational. The list below is not exhaustive but includes the key components and steps under active development.
The Department will post updates on the progress of each component.

Federal Funding Approval

Status: Completed. The application for federal funding, or Waiver, was approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on June 6, 2018.

Individual Budgets

Target for completion: August 15, 2018
Task: Finalizing guidance information on how the individual budget amount is calculated, and the process for adjusting the budget when needed.

Financial Management Services (FMS) 

Target for completion: August 31, 2018.
Task: Finalizing FMS vendorization requirements and rates.

Independent Facilitators

Target for completion: August 31, 2018.
Task: Defining the role(s) an independent facilitator may play and how this may be different if a participant chooses to select their service coordinator to fulfill the functions of an independent facilitator.

Participant Selection

Target for completion: October 1, 2018
Task: Selection of the initial SDP participants. It’s important to note that only those individuals who have participated in an informational meeting and whose names have been received by the  Department by September 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM will be considered for selection (by the Department) of the initial 2,500 participants in the SDP. Individuals whose names are received after September 17, 2018 will be considered for subsequent selections of SDP participants. Subsequent participant selections will occur if some of the initial 2,500 participants choose not to enroll or they enroll, then decide not to continue in the SDP. Timing for future selections will be established at a later date. Information for those who are interested on how they can be considered for participation in the SDP can be found at www.dds.ca.gov/SDP/sdpEnrollment.cfm.

Home and Community-Based “Settings” Requirements

Target for completion: October 31, 2018.
Task: Finalizing training materials on the federal requirements, how they apply to services in the SDP and the assessment process for ensuring all services, or “settings”, meet the requirements. Due to federal regulations effective in March 2014, everywhere someone receives services (e.g. the “setting” where the service is provided,) must promote, and not prevent, community participation and inclusion. The target date projects time needed to provide training to those who will be involved in the assessment process.

Orientation Materials

Target for completion: October 31, 2018.
Task: Finalize all orientation materials. The orientation materials will form the basis of the information participants need to support them in the SDP. In addition to the components above, the orientation will include information on what services are available in the SDP and tools to help participants choose qualified service providers. Training for those providing these orientations will also be necessary prior to participant orientations.

For more information on the Self Determination Program, including a description of the program, fact sheets, orientation sessions, and advisory committee meetings, click here.