Noah at 18 months

Noah at 18 months

Noah lives with his mom, dad, and big sister. He has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. His parents received this diagnosis through amniocentesis before Noah was born.

Although his muscle tone is weaker than average, his height and weight are around the 5th percentile, and he has a mild gastric reflux, he is otherwise a strong, healthy and happy little boy. At eighteen months he can crawl, pull up, stand, cruise, and crawl up the stairs.

He receives infant development and physical therapy services at home, which help his parents to learn how to stimulate and promote his maximum development. He has been demonstrating excellent developmental progress, with mild delays in fine and gross motor, language, and social skills.

He has a very pleasant, content, and sociable disposition, and he enjoys being played and read to. He also plays independently with toys, and especially enjoys any activities associated with music, singing, and playing the family piano.

His family looks forward to his next step of entering a preschool program, to continue his early intervention and to expand his social horizons.