November 30, 2018

Update from Department of Developmental Services


“This update is in response to questions received regarding the selection of the initial participants for the Self-Determination Program (SDP). As required by law (Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 4685.8(b)(1)), the number of participants selected at each regional center was based on the relative percentage of total consumers served by all regional centers. For example, if a regional center served 5% of all consumers, then 125 (5% of 2,500) SDP participants were selected from that regional center. The Department made the selection from amongst those who attended a SDP informational meeting. The informational meeting process was developed in consultation with the Department’s self-determination advisory group, as a way to provide oversight of the selection process based on the following demographic factors within each regional center: ethnicity, diagnosis, gender and age. However, with the relatively small number (approximately 9,100) of individuals from which to choose, it was not possible to control for all these factors when making the selection. Ultimately, the selection was done ensuring that those selected represented the overall ethnic diversity of all consumers within each regional center.
Please direct any questions regarding the selection process to