Performance Plan for 2021


The State of California Department of Developmental Services wants each Regional Center in California to work on a set of desired outcomes that are listed below and in our Performance Plan. They ask us to update our Performance Plans each year and to maintain or improve performance on each of the desired outcomes below.

  • Individuals Living in State Developmental Centers - Decreasing the number of people served by HRC who live in state institutions know as State Developmental Centers and assisting those who are living in the institutions to move into community living.
  • Children living with families - Increasing the percentage of children served by HRC who are able to live with families, rather than in out-of-home care.
  • Adults Living in Home Settings - Increasing the percentage of adults served by HRC who live in home environments (in their own home with or without supported living services as needed, or with their family).
  • Fewer HRC clients living in larger settings for 7 or more individuals - Decreasing the percentage of clients living in large congregate settings for 7 or more people, such as nursing and mental health care facilities, and assisting them to move into smaller more integrated living environments.
  • Employment - Increasing the number of adults served by HRC who find employment.
  • Cultural Differences - Reducing differences in patterns of purchased services (authorized and utilized) according to age, diagnosis, ethnicity, and language.

Performance Plan 2021

Public Input

At our public meetings we shared information on how we are doing on these desired outcomes, and receiving input from clients, families, service providers, and community partners. Our for how we want to support our community and continue to achieve the above outcomes in 2021 was distributed this fall to our community through our website and the HRC electronic newsletter. We presented our proposed plan and our activities to achieve our desired goals at a Public Meeting,  What’s Happening at Harbor Regional Center, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020.

What's Happening at Harbor Regional Center: Power Point Presentation 10/21/20

Que sucede en el Harbor 2020

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