Sibling Club


The Sibling Club program at HRC is intended to give brothers and sisters of our clients opportunities to meet with other siblings and obtain peer suport and education in a recreational setting.

The groups allow other members to:

  • Meet other children and adolescents of similar age who have a brother or sister with a developmental disability
  • Share experiences and concerns about their disabled sibling
  • Share strategies for dealing with the disabled sibling
  • Share strategies for responding to situations outside of the family home, such as other people’s reactions to the disabled sibling
  • Learn about disabilities and special needs associated with them
  • Have fun!

Join other HRC siblings for discussion, activities, support, but most of all–fun!! Groups are generally one to one-and-a-half hours long and take place either bi-weekly or monthly depending on the age of the participants. Please contact your HRC Counselor for information about groups which may be available for your children.

Meetings will be held at least monthly in Torrance and Long Beach.

For more information, please contact your HRC counselor or the HRC Resource Center.