Staff Use of E-Mail


Business Use of E-Mail

Staff use of e-mail using e-mail as an effective work tool, and for non-work related announcements. In general, e-mail is provided for business use only

Please refer to Procedure 1005 for general guidance and securing private client information.

Click here for basic instructions for use of Microsoft Outlook or for using Out of Office Assistant to set up an automatic reply when you are out of the office.

Non-Business Use of E-mail

HRC staff wishing to make non-business announcements may submit their information to be posted on the Staff Bulletin Board of the Smart Pages. To do so, send your information to the Executive Secretary in the Executive Office. Examples:

  • You have an item for sale, such as a sofa or a car.
  • You are participating in a fundraiser and are looking for support from fellow staff members, such as people to sponsor you in a Walk for Muscular Dystrophy.