Bullies and Friends Bibliographies


  • Bullies and Victims

    This book explores the issues surrounding child peer abuse. It alerts adults and children to the difference between normal peer teasing and bullying situations; helps parents, teachers, and counselors understand the dynamics and act effectively when children are bullying or being bullied and gives practical tips to follow to help children prevent and solve the problem.

  • How Not To Be A Bully Target,

    This book is a manual that teachers can use to help children avoid being ridiculed by bullies.

  • It's So Much Work To Be Your Friend

    In this remarkable book Richard Lavoie has captured the particular social skills problems faced by many children and adolescents with learning disabilities. Realistic strategies are outlined that parents and professionals can use to improve the social skills of these youngsters.

  • Making & Keeping Friends

    This is a unique, ready-to-use sequential activities program to teach students, grades 4-8, how to make and keep friends. The program presents a specific process for creating and developing relationships and places responsibility on the individual student to create "messages" that invite friendships.

  • Playground Politics

    In this book, the author offers a "road map" for parents to the stages of emotional development during the years from five to twelve. It offers practical advice on how to survive "playground politics" in school, and how to develop a positive self image at the same time.