Rare Syndromes Bibliographies


  • 9th International Professional Conference on Williams Syndrome

    The booklet covers the workshops which were covered during the 9th IPC on Williams

  • Pathways to Learning in Rett Syndrome

    Parents and Teachers with of girls with Rett Syndrome will welcome this book which offers accessible advice on the special educational needs of these girls.

  • Sotos Syndrome

    This great book is divided into sections which include details about the description and the medical and developmental evaluations for children with Soto Syndrome

  • The Rett Syndrome Handbook

    The Author’s interest in Rett Syndrome began when her 10 year old daughter became the first child diagnosed with RS in the United States. The book contains great information about having a child with Rett Syndrome.

  • Trisomy 13

    The booklet covers basics about Trisomy 13, what does the diagnosis means to the families and their children.