Safety Bibliographies


  • Developing Personal Safety Skills in Children with Disabilities

    Useful information and effective techniques are presented to help parents, educators, and service providers teach children with disabilities how to protect themselves.

  • Living and Lasting on Shaky Ground: Earthquake Preparedness for People with Disabilities

    This book is for people with disabilities focusing on living through an earthquake and how to be safe in times of earthquakes.

  • Play Helps

    This is an inspirational sourcebook full of ideas for activities and toys for children with all ranges of special needs.

  • The Emergency Survival Handbook

    The purpose of this book is to provide information which will help one to be prepared for disasters.

  • The Perfectly Safe Home

    Practical advice from a child safety expert with guidelines for creating a safe home, choosing and instructing a baby sitter, eliminating household toxins and poisonous plants and keeping your child safe outdoors and on the road.