Social Skills Bibliographies


  • Bullies and Victims

    This book explores the issues surrounding child peer abuse. It alerts adults and children to the difference between normal peer teasing and bullying situations; helps parents, teachers, and counselors understand the dynamics and act effectively when children are bullying or being bullied and gives practical tips to follow to help children prevent and solve the problem.

  • Delicate Threads

    This book offers a rare look at friendships between children with and without special needs. Explores how relationships develop, how they compare to friendships between typical peers, and what happens to them over time.

  • Everyday Social Interaction

    This book provides information on how to teach everyday social skills to persons with disabilities who often do not learn these skills adequately. This complete program identifies the component skills and routines plus training strategies are suggested. It also has a full chapter on making and keeping friends.

  • Handbook for Communication and Problem Solving Skills

    This book reflects a blend of social skills training and cognitive therapy into an innovative and practical program of treatments.

  • Helping the Child Who Doesn’t Fit In

    This book provides information to the puzzle of social rejection and its relationship to non-verbal language. It refers children who might have a difficulty in using and understanding nonverbal signs and signals. According to two renowned child psychologists from Emory University in Atlanta, these children are misfits for reasons that are both identifiable and correctable. Such children have a form of learning disability that prevents them from properly using or understanding nonverbal communication.