Special Education Bibliographies


  • Amigos en la escuela

    Educación, material para niños, pre-escolares, inclusion

  • Better IEPs

    This is an essential reference for school administrators, advocates, regular and special educators, parent of children receiving special education services and libraries.

  • Creating a Win-Win IEP for students with Autism

    This book takes the reader through the entire range of a "child-centered" educational process; from the initial stages of identification and diagnosis, to full implications and monitoring of the individualized education program. It provides a basic definition of Autism/PDD/Asperger's, the basic Components of the IEP, State and Federal regulations including section 504. It also addresses the targeting of the Student's Needs concept.

  • Decreto por consentimiento Chanda Smith

    Leyes, niños, educación especial, bienestar de los niños

  • Derechos y Responsabilidades

    Educación, leyes, evaluación, IEPs, disciplina