Toilet Training Bibliographies


  • Everything I Know About the Potty

    Everything I Know About the Potty is a milestone must, with helpful parenting tips plus tips from the "real experts," the children.

  • I Can Go Potty

    This toilet training video features interactive songs that help kids to know "When it’s Time To Go". This fun filled, live action program is hosted by Jillian, a six year old, who tells the humorous tale of how her younger brother Andrew learned to go potty.

  • Let’s Go Potty

    Sam gets a very special present...his own potty! After a little practice and some funny moments, he soon gets to be an expert. This story will help fill your child with confidence. Its pop-ups and moving parts are a great way to add positive fun to an important first learning experience.

  • Mommy, I have to go Potty!

    This book offers a simple, common-sense approach to teaching your toddler to use the toilet. Parents will learn how to tell if your child is really ready to toilet train; how and when to use rewards; how to deal with accidents; why it's okay to return to diapers temporarily and how to defuse a potty-training power struggle.

  • My Potty Book for Boys

    This is a book about using the potty - especially for boys. Colorful photographs of toddlers growing up and going from using diapers to wearing underpants.