Transition Bibliographies


  • Answers to Commonly Asked Question about Transition Services and the

    Answers the most commonly asked question regarding the IEP and
    transition services. Each question is highlighted to make it stand out
    making this an easy to use guide. The booklet is divided into 3 main
    categories, transition services requirements, interagency linkages, and
    the IEP and graduation

  • Life Beyond the Classroom

    This book provides practical and creative techniques to ensure careful transition planning for young people with disabilities. The importance of fostering support in building confidence and competence in these young people's work skills is emphasized.

  • Moving on without Parents

    Parents who have cared for their adult children with intellectual disabilities will one day face an important issue-who will care for them when they are no longer able? Based on case studies of adults with disabilities and their families and how they handled this delicate stage, readers will discover how to plan for the transition from parental care, learn who or what services can take on the parents' role, and see how to create a network of agency and family supports.

  • Self-Determination Strategies for Adolescents in Transition

    This resource provides strategies to promote self-determination in adolescents and young adults as they navigate the transition process from school to the work place and to independent living.

  • The Transition Handbook,

    In this book, transition support applies to the same general philosophical principles of support that have been developed and applied to supported employment and supported living arrangements. It provides the establishment of a seamless system for moving from secondary education to postsecondary environments at a local community level