HCBS and My Rights

Saturday Speaker Series

Special Event

Presented by Kaitlin Olson, M.Ed. and Jacqueline Lawton, M.A.

The Saturday Speaker Series offers presentations that cover topics that are relevant to all of our families and service providers.  They are presented by HRC staff who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise.  Presentations are scheduled on Saturday mornings for the convenience of families and service providers.  Participants will have the opportunity to view the presentation and ask questions. 

HCBS and My Rights is a 2-hour, virtual training that will educate adults receiving services on how the HCBS Final Rules might impact your day to day life. This training will also offer you tools for self-advocacy. Your choice, independence, and privacy matter! Let’s talk about them!

Currently, all offerings will be scheduled as Zoom meetings. 

Please contact Claudia Sandoval at claudia.sandoval@harborrc.org about upcoming topics and to receive Zoom meeting details.