Tell Us How Your Services Are Working for You

The following surveys have been created to help us receive feedback from you about our services and other topics.

Access to Support, Information and Choices: We would like to know how much access you have to information, support and services from Harbor Regional Center, and whether there are barriers that prevent you from accessing some services.

Family Support Groups at HRC
Let us know what type of group you would be interested in attending.

Don’t see a survey on a topic you were looking for, but want to provide input? Send an email message to provide us with your thoughts.


Crisis Services to be Developed for HRC clients


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California Seeks Your Input for Information Packet

Are there things you wish you knew when you first learned about regional centers or Early Start?

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) needs your help to create two information packets for families entering the regional center system. One packet will be about services for babies and toddlers (ages 0-3) and the other about services provided under the Lanterman Act. Both packets will be the same for all 21 regional centers.