Support the Harbor Help Fund

Support the Harbor Help Fund


Food for Clients Donation Flyer

While our clients and their families receive a wide range of services and supports through the regional center, many often have additional needs that fall outside of our guidelines for purchasing or providing services. Because of this, we have established the Harbor Help Fund, supported by donations, that enables us to purchase products and services that can be vital to the quality of our clients’ lives. This fund is used for things such as emergency rent payments, and to purchase clothing, food, and other supports for clients who are in need. Another very important Harbor Help Fund enterprise is our Holidays Are For Sharing program, providing our  families in need with food for holiday dinners, and perhaps even a small gift.

Without the generosity and thoughtful donations of our friends, none of the necessities or special “extras” provided by the Harbor Help Fund would be possible. We are grateful to those members of the HRC community for giving generously.

If you need more information, please contact the Office of Information and Development, by emailing or calling (310) 543-4606.

Please note that providing your mailing or email address on the form below is optional, but if you provide it, we will send you a letter acknowledging your charitable donation for your tax records.

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