New HOPE Home in Norwalk


August 2017

Home on Brink Ave in Norwalk Moves HOPE a Step Closer to 80 by ‘18 Goal
by Ian Navarez

HOPE is doing our part to alleviate the growing affordable housing shortage for adults with developmental disabilities. With our 80 by ‘18 goal: an objective launched in 2014 to challenge staff to create homes for 80 additional residents by the year 2018, we are moving quickly to ensure that those most vulnerable in our communities do not have to live with the fear of housing instability.
At this time, we are happy to announce that with the purchase of our most recent home on Brink Avenue in Norwalk, HOPE has accomplished 88% of this goal. That translates into creating homes for 71 additional people.
HOPE’s newest home on Brink Avenue was purchased for $465K on May 4, 2017. It was funded in part through a partnership with the City of Norwalk and the Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles. This 1,325 sq. ft. single family home has three bedrooms and two baths, sits on a lot of more than 6,500 sq. ft., and is now home to three people with developmental disabilities. Each resident has their own bedroom, while they share common spaces like the living room, kitchen, and yards.
After the property was acquired in the spring, Dilworth Construction immediately began renovations that included new paint, flooring, laundry room, and a kitchenette.
On June 21st, residents Emily and Asha were eager to get the keys to their new house. Both are moving from their parents’ homes. Emily, a graduate of Harbor Regional Center’s College to Career program, is now prepared to take this next step toward independence.
Emily and Asha are confident that with a lot of hard work, the encouragement of their families, and the supported living services through Harbor Regional Center they are on the path to success and greater self-reliance.
“We are nervous,” Emily’s mother Tammy said, “Excited but nervous.”
This home on Brink Avenue is HOPE’s sixth housing project in collaboration with the City of Norwalk. Since 2014 they have contributed $1.5 million in HOME Investment Partnership Program funding to assist HOPE in housing adults with developmental disabilities in their neighborhoods.
Public/private partnerships have enabled HOPE to get closer to accomplishing our 80 by ‘18 goal. Kristin Martin, Executive Director at HOPE, knows how vital these collaborations are to our cause. “As the affordable housing industry continues to face rising property values, funding source instability, and growing need, it’s become increasingly essential to bring together the right partners.”
“This new housing on Brink Avenue is a testament to that spirit of cooperation and is a reality because of the vision and investment of the Harbor Regional Center, Norwalk, and the Los Angeles County CDC. Thank you for continuing to believe in our mission.”
Having access to a safe, affordable home through HOPE can be life changing for a person with a developmental disability, who otherwise would be forced to compete for scarce affordable housing in what is a highly competitive rental market. Our aim is to ensure that housing instability is never a concern for HOPE residents. Instead, we want them to have the opportunity to focus their energies on personal goals, like increasing independence, becoming contributing members of their communities, fostering personal relations, or finding and maintaining gainful employment. With stable housing as a foundation, we know our residents are empowered to chase their dreams.

To assist HOPE in reaching our 80 by 18 goal, consider signing up to make a recurring donation of $10 or more each month. Your sustaining gifts will go directly toward the purchase and renovation of homes for adults with developmental disabilities.