Current Providers

Current Providers


Harbor Regional Center relies on a community of highly compassionate, professional, and effective service providers to provide high quality, community-based, client-centered services. These service providers share our vision and commitment to excellence in meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

This section provides resources and information to support our partnership between Harbor Regional Center and Service Providers



Our policies are developed and maintained by the Board of Trustees, to guide us in the operations of Harbor Regional Center and in delivery of services to our clients and families. 

Our general policies include:

Policy on Client Abuse or Neglect

Code of Ethics

Conflict of Interest Policy

Contract Approval Policy

Policy on Development of Living Options

Policy On Start Up Funding

Policy on Transparency and Access to Public Information

Whistleblower Policy


Contact Us

Department of Community Services

Heather, Diaz, Director, Department of Community Services


Mercedes Lowery, Community Services Manager, Service Provider Relations

Mercedes can assist you with any questions you may have concerning matters related to service providers.

Steve Goclowski, Community Services Manager, Health and Psychological Services


Advisory Committee

A Committee of the HRC Board of Trustees

Members of the Service Provider Advisory Committee provide a wide cross-section of services and supports, for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

They meet to discuss issues of particular interest to HRC service providers, and to provide input to the Board of Trustees. It is also an opportunity to obtain up-to-date information on Harbor Regional Center policies and procedures, and the developmental disabilities service system overall. Members of the committee must apply and be approved by the Board.


Accounting and Billing

Instructions, Contacts and Forms

Staff in the Department of Administration are available to answer your questions or assist you to make sure all the administrative paperwork is in place for your clients. Staff in this Department can answer questions related to authorizations for services, billing, and payments for services.


Directives and Regulatory Updates

Department of Developmental Services Directives

View a list of directives.
Issued by DDS, and impacting Regional Centers and our service providers. 

Vendor Independent Audit and Review Report Requirements

See the attached documents regarding the requirements for the Independent Audit and Review Report.


Training & Information

Direct Support Professional Training Program (DSPT)- Department of Developmental Services


DDS Rate Study and Implementation

As required by Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 4519.8, the Department of Developmental Services (Department) submitted a service provider rate study to the Legislature in March 2019. Subsequently, the Department received comments from hundreds of stakeholders.