Training and Events

Training and Events


HRC publishes a Training and Events Calendar twice a year, covering seminars, workshops and special events for our clients and families, for the periods of January through June, and July through December. Printed copies are available from our Resource and Assistive Technology Center, or from your HRC Service Coordinator.

Training and Events Calendar

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Contents for HRC Parents and Families

  • Parent and Family Support Groups – Page i
  • Behavioral Services and Supports – Page 1
  • Classes for Parents in Early Childhood – Page 2
  • Classes for Parents of Transition-Aged Children – Page 5
  • Classes for all ages – Page 6

For Adults with Developmental Disabilities Served by HRC

  • Workshops – Page 11

Para La Familia

  • Servicios y Apoyos de Comportamiento – P. 12
  • Primera Infancia: Juntos desde el Principio – P. 13
  • Otros Talleres – P. 14