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Crisis Services to be Developed for HRC clients


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What Are Alternative & Participant Directed Services?

On August 31, 2020, as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) issued a state directive allowing regional center-funded services to be provided in alternative ways. Alternative services may be an option for our clients, to make sure that your individual needs continue to be met.

Alternative services are a way to continue to fund service provider resources, so that they and their direct staff workforce remain available to serve you. The Department of Developmental Services also wants to make sure that California can continue to receive federal funding to support regional center services.


Welcome to our new Executive Director

The Board of Trustees of Harbor Regional Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Ruppe to the position of Executive Director following the retirement of Patricia Del Monico who has served in this capacity with distinction for more than 40 years.


General Resource Guide

To support you during COVID-19 Outbreak and Beyond

Resources For Families and Individuals

Guidance Relating to Non-Discrimination in Medical Treatment for Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) 

Individuals with disabilities, if they are ill, should not be treated differently due to their disability. The State of California has issued this guidance on medical non-discrimination.


Información para inmigrantes

August 2019

En Caso de Redadas, Que Puedes Hacer?

Descargar Folleto [file:1901


La regla de “carga pública” ahora está vigente. Es una prueba que se utilizará en personas que intentan inmigrar u obtener una tarjeta verde. Los funcionarios de inmigración deberán analizar todos los detalles relevantes sobre una persona (la “totalidad de las circunstancias”) para decidir si es probable que necesiten usar programas de beneficios. Esto solo se aplica a la persona que intenta cambiar su estado migratorio.


Funds to Help Fire Victims

November 2018

Camp Fire, Far Northern Regional Center area

The geographic area served by Far Northern Regional Center has sustained catastrophic damage from the Camp Fire, which has had a devastating impact upon the community of people with developmental disabilities, their families, and their services.


Sofia helped to light Capitol Christmas Tree

November 2017

Every year, the State Department of Developmental Services chooses a child served by one of the state’s twenty-one regional centers or three state developmental centers, to help the Governor and First Lady light the Capital Christmas Tree at their Annual Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.


New HOPE Home in Norwalk

August 2017

Home on Brink Ave in Norwalk Moves HOPE a Step Closer to 80 by ‘18 Goal
by Ian Navarez


South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club Supports Harbor Help

October 2014

Did you know that the annual RAT Beach charity bike ride sponsored by the South Bay Sunrise Rotary supports several local organizations that serve people with developmental disabilities, including HRC’s Harbor Help Fund, Pediatric Therapy Network, and the Friends of Torrance Exceptional Athletes! Grants from South Bay Sunrise Rotary have also helped the HRC Resource and Assitive Technology Center to to expand their services with valuable Assistive Technology and software.