Welcome from Kelly: Sharing Information for HRC Clients


Hi! I’m Kelly Sutton. I am the Office Assistant at Harbor’s Family Resource Center. I hope I will get to meet you when you visit us!

This section of the HRC Website contains information which will be especially of interest to the adult clients served by HRC, and their family and friends.

Make a plan for your future 

A Key to Your Future

Learn About Your Rights

Register to Vote

Be prepared for an emergency

  • Check out Feeling Safe, Being Safe on the DDS Consumer Corner webpage, and watch the video about how one person prepared herself so she could feel safe and prepared.
  • Watch Ready, Set Go, created by people with developmental disabilities at Alta California Regional Center

Stop Bullying


Available Services for Adults

Many times our clients or parents/family members ask us for information on the services that are available.
We have developed this list to provide you with an overview of these services. Please keep in mind that services are determined on an individualized basis. Services must be identified as needed on the Individual Person-Centered Plan (IPP), and provided in accordance with Harbor Regional Center service policies, which are posted on our website.


Employment First

“Employment” is defined as regular or customized employment in the workforce.

  • Where employees with disabilities are included on the payroll of a competitive business or industry
  • Where the assigned employment tasks offer at least minimum or prevailing wages and benefits
  • Where there are ordinary opportunities for integration and interaction with co-workers without disabilities, with customers, and with the general public

Living on Your Own

A Guide To Supported Living Services

Did you ever think about moving into a house or apartment in the community so you could be more independent? Sometimes people with developmental disabilities are afraid to think about living on their own because they believe they will have to do it all by themselves. We all need help to live on our own. Some people just need more help than others.


Coordinated Family Support (CFS) Service

In June 2022, the State’s Budget Trailer Bill for developmental services, SB 188 (Chapter 49, Statutes of 2022), added Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) section 4688.06, establishing the Coordinated Family Support (CFS) Services Pilot Program. Coordinated Family Support (CFS) Service is a new service option specifically designed for adults who are 18 years and older who:


Client Advisory Committee

The Client Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of adults with developmental disabilities, served by Harbor Regional Center, who provide input to Harbor Regional Center’s Board of Trustees.

The CAC meets six times each year, on Saturdays, to discuss issues that are important to all clients of HRC. The CAC also sponsors special events, such as workshops and conferences for adults with developmental disabilities, as well as social events.