About Us

About Us


In 1965, the California Legislature determined that the best way to provide community-based services to citizens with developmental disabilities and their families was through partnerships with local private sector organizations. These local organizations are known as regional centers.

Harbor Regional Center is one of 21 such centers in California operating under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. Our center began providing services in 1973. The legislation that created the regional center system is called the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act. It is named after Mr. Frank Lanterman, a California legislator with vision who first conceived this unique and progressive government-private sector partnership. The Lanterman Act sets forth in detail the mandates under which regional centers operate. The Lanterman Act is available on line at http://www.dds.ca.gov/ . Our major source of funding is a combination of state and federal government programs, but we also receive funding for specific projects or purposes from foundations, businesses, and individuals.

Harbor Regional Center is committed to providing support, information, and choice for all of persons served and their families. Our goal is not only to provide you with information, but also to provide you with multiple means of communicating with us.

Our website is an important tool to help us in sharing information with self advocates, families, as well as, other professionals in the community.

In this section, you will find information about Harbor’s Mission, Vision, and Guiding Values, the Board of Trustees, our performance plan, service policies, and of course, people whom we serve. Just click on the drop-down menu to learn more.

In addition to the website, we invite you to receive our electronic bulletins by becoming a member of the HRC Email Network, and to visit our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter.

I also encourage you to take this opportunity to E-mail me your thoughts, comments and suggestions. We’re pleased to have you join our community in support of people with developmental disabilities.

Patrick Ruppe
Executive Director
Harbor Regional Center

Our History

California’s unique service system of Regional Centers was first created in the 1960s. Harbor Regional Center collaborated with Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center and Golden Gate Regional Center to create a few documentary videos, which tell the story of a group of dedicated parents, professionals, and legislators who believed that families needed a support system in the community, as an alternative to institutionalizing their children. You can view them at the links below to the F.D. Lanterman RC website.

Partners in Lifelong Support

History of Developmental Services

Documentary Videos

About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Harbor Regional Center envisions a world where people with developmental disabilities…

…live, learn, work, play and have meaningful relationships in their communities.

…are respected and empowered with early, consistent, culturally sensitive, and personalized services and supports.

…are informed knowledgeable partners, along with their circles of support, with Harbor Regional Center, and take joint responsibility in advocating for a thriving service delivery system.

…and their circles of support have the information, resources and assistance needed to help reach their highest potential at all stages of life.

Harbor Regional Center
Board of Trustees
Adopted September 20, 2022

El Harbor Regional Center imagina un mundo en el que las personas con discapacidades del desarrollo…

…viven, aprenden, trabajan, juegan y tienen relaciones significativas en sus comunidades.

…son respetadas y capacitadas con servicios y apoyos tempranos, consistentes, culturalmente sensibles y personalizados.

…son socios informados y conocedores, junto con sus círculos de apoyo, del Harbor Regional Center, y asumen la responsabilidad conjunta de abogar por un sistema de prestación de servicios próspero.

…y sus círculos de apoyo disponen de la información, los recursos y la asistencia necesarios para ayudar a alcanzar su máximo potencial en todas las etapas de la vida.

Harbor Regional Center 
Junta directiva
Adoptado el 20/SEP/2022

Our Mission

Harbor Regional Center provides innovative and person-centered services, support, and information that empower people with developmental disabilities and their circles of support to live their best lives in their culturally diverse communities.

Harbor Regional Center
Board of Trustees
Adopted September 20, 2022

El Harbor Regional Center proporciona servicios innovadores y centrados en la persona, apoyo e información que empoderan a las personas con discapacidades del desarrollo y a sus círculos de apoyo para vivir su mejor vida en sus comunidades culturalmente diversas.

Harbor Regional Center
Junta directiva
Adoptado el 20/SEP/2022

Guiding Values

Person Centered Philosophy

  • We recognize everyone’s unique strengths, gifts, talents, skills and contributions.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • We support the individuals we serve, and their circles of support, in having opportunities to make informed decisions and to have self-direction of their own lives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • We believe everyone should be seen, heard, valued and empowered to succeed.
  • We promote a culture of inclusion and belonging that strengthens open, honest, and meaningful relationships. 
  • We listen and engage without judgment and collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • We embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions.


  • We believe success is best achieved by collaborating and growing with our partners; including the people we serve, their circles of support, our staff, our service providers, community leaders, local and state legislators and others who share our commitment to the vision of the Lanterman Act.


  • We dare to challenge the status quo and try new things.
  • We learn from our past, we stay current, we advance our future.
  • We focus on outcomes to ensure the people we serve live their best lives.

Accountability & Transparency

  • We are dedicated to listening and receiving feedback from our community. 
  • We provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information to our community. 
  • We value fiscal responsibility and the effective use of resources.

Harbor Regional Center
Board of Trustees
Adopted September 20, 2022

Valores rectores

Filosofía centrada en la persona

  • Reconocemos los aspectos de mayor dominio, los dones, los talentos, las habilidades y lascontribuciones únicas de cada una.
  • Tratamos a todos con dignidad y respeto.
  • Apoyamos a las personas a las que servimos, y a sus círculos de apoyo, para que tengan la oportunidadde tomar decisiones informadas y tener la autodirección de sus propias vidas.

Diversidad, equidad e inclusión

  • Creemos que se debe ver, escuchar, valorar y capacitar a todo el mundo para que tenga éxito.
  • Promovemos una cultura de inclusión y pertenencia que fortalece las relaciones abiertas, honestas ysignificativas.
  • Escuchamos y participamos sin juzgar y colaboramos eficazmente con personas de diversos orígenesy culturas.
  • Aceptamos las diferentes perspectivas para tomar mejores decisiones.


  • Creemos que la mejor manera de lograr el éxito es mediante la colaboración y el crecimiento connuestros socios; estos incluyen a las personas a las que servimos, sus círculos de apoyo, nuestropersonal, nuestros proveedores de servicios, los líderes de la comunidad, los legisladores locales yestatales y otras personas que comparten nuestro compromiso con la visión de la Ley Lanterman(Lanterman Act).


  • Nos atrevemos a desafiar el statu quo y a intentar cosas nuevas.
  • Aprendemos de nuestro pasado, nos mantenemos al día y hacemos avanzar nuestro futuro.
  • Nos centramos en los resultados para garantizar que las personas a las que servimos vivan lo mejor posible.

Responsabilidad y transparencia

  • Dedicamos nuestros esfuerzos a escuchar y recibir los comentarios de nuestra comunidad.
  • Proporcionamos información oportuna, precisa y completa a nuestra comunidad.
  • Valoramos la responsabilidad fiscal y el uso eficaz de los recursos.