Our Day Out For Learning


January 2013

When asked why she comes to the various Together From the Start Classes with her son, Blanca Arias replied, “It’s my “out day” with Joel. He loves to talk to Kat, and see the other children that are here.”

Blanca and little Joel Arias have been participating in the Together from the Startclasses in Long Beach since February 2012, when Joel was just two months old. Blanca learned about HRC’s Infant Massage class when she first applied for services for Joel, from the HRC team that provided his assessment.

The two attended all four massage sessions, bringing along Dad, sister and even Grandma at times. Soon they were also regulars at the Wee Ones Wednesdays class, and Mommy Daddy and Me classes as well.

“He gets to socialize here, and learn to handle the noise.” Blanca relates that she has learned things from the classes she continues to use at home. “ He still gets a massage every day!” Joel is now an active participant in the classes, as he now sits, claps, rolls and smiles and “sings” with us all! Blanca says she will continue to come to the Together from the Start Classes as long as she is able to stay home with him.

Mommy Daddy and Me and Wee Ones Wednesdays are classes designed to offer parents education through hands on activities like singing, music, movement and play, to encourage development and offer the children and their parents the opportunity for socialization. We love getting to know families like Joel’s, and we hope to see many more in our Together From the Start program!