Aaron keeps his benefits


Aaron’s mother had an unfortunate surprise recently, when the Social Security Administration suspended Aaron’s benefits.

Aaron’s family had had a one-time increase in income, and reported it correctly to the IRS, but when the SSA received the tax-related information they accidentally calculated his future income incorrectly. 

When Aaron’s benefits stopped, his mother found herself and Aaron in a serious financial predicament. She did her best to advocate for Aaron and straighten out the misinformation, but was not having any luck. Meanwhile, she found it unpleasant but necessary to borrow money from friends and family. 

One day, at the end of her rope, she spoke to Client Services Manager Bjoern Peterson about her frustrations. The financial pressure she was under made it even more challenging to work with the Social Security office. HRC Staff helped to prepare her, and  agreed to meet her at the Torrance office of the SSA to assist her in explaining her circumstance.  The happy ending was that the SSA Supervisor reviewed and recalculated, and ultimately reinstated Aaron’s benefits, including back payments. 

If you have questions about your child’s benefits, don’t hesitate to contact your Service Coordinator. If he or she isn’t able to help you, one of our managers or Benefits Specialist will offer any support possible to help you.