2023-2024 National Core Indicators (NCI) Surveys

Family Surveys Coming Soon!


The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS)  has contracted with State Council on Developmental Services (SCDD) to implement the upcoming National Core Indicator (NCI) Family Surveys. 

The core indicators are used across several states to assess the outcomes of services provided to individuals and families and addresses key areas such as employment, relationships, community inclusion, health and safety, and choice.

There are three different surveys that will be administered :

  1. Child Family Survey – Completed by families of a child (ages 3-16 years old) who lives in the family home.
  2. Adult Family Survey - completed by families of an adult (age 18 and over) who lives in the family home. 
  3. Family Guardian Survey - completed by families or conservators of individuals (age 18 and over) who live in a community placement.

Beginning in February 2024, surveys will be mailed to families in their preferred language. If your loved one is receiving services from Harbor Regional Center, please make sure to update your service coordinator if your address or preferred language has changed.

The responses to the survey helps California to identify priorities essential to improve the quality of the service delivery system. All responses to the surveys are confidential and all identifying information is never used in public reports.

Questions? Email QAProject@SCDD.ca.gov or NCIHelp@dds.ca.gov 

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