Peer Advocate Support

Meet Your Peer Advocate, Tim'an Ford!

Peer Advocate Support

My name is Tim’an Ford, and I’m your new Peer Advocate at Harbor Regional Center. I’ve been receiving services from Harbor Regional Center (HRC) since 2016, and through HRC, I was able to enter the workforce with a full-time job at Skechers USA. Following that, I returned to university in the fall of 2019 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz in 2021. That means I studied human culture and history with aspirations of becoming an archeologist, as well as contributing to the foundation of a multicultural community with access to vital resources for future generations to use in an ever-changing world. Having joined the ranks of HRC, I feel I’m one step closer to accomplishing that goal.

I’m here to be a source of support for anyone receiving services from HRC, as well as their families. I would like to hear about your goals, can help resolve any concerns you might have; I want to be a reliable advocate for individuals receiving our services! Furthermore, I will be an active participant in community events and advisory committee meetings with our partnership programs. If you see me at an event, I invite you to say hello and strike up a conversation!

As a Peer Advocate, the most important thing is helping individuals with a developmental disability find their voice and access the tools necessary to live healthy, sustainable lives as members of the community. Whether it’s pursuing higher education, accessing the workforce, or even just finding friends with common interests, I’m here to support you!

Tim’an Ford
Peer Advocate

If you have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with HRC’s Peer Advocate, you can reach him via email at or (310) 453-0196. Feel free to share this flyer with others.