Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Kim is a participant in the self-determination program

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) provides answers to frequently asked questions, and periodic updates on their webpage of Frequently Asked Questions.
For FAQs about Participant Choice Specialists, select the drop down for “Participant Choice Specialists.”

Where else can you obtain the latest information?

  • You may attend a Self-Determination Information Meeting offered by HRC or by other community organizations such as the Autism Society of Los Angeles. We will announce upcoming informational meetings at HRC on our main Self-Determination webpage and in our E-newsletter. 
  • You may refer to the Self-Determination Program information page on the Department of Developmental Services website
  • Department of Developmental Services Program Directives and Implementation Tools
  • Sign up for email updates by sending an email to and ask to be included on the update notification list.
  • Visit, a website that was created for the exchange of ideas, information, and resources related to self-determination.
  • If after reading the general information and Frequently Asked Questions on our website and the DDS webpage, you still have questions, you may submit those questions to
  • HRC will provide more information to our clients and families on this website as it becomes available.
  • You may sign up to receive email updates regarding local planning by sending an email to with your name, client’s name if different, email address, and note that you wish to be added to the Self-Determination Program information email list.