Important Message for Conservators of Harbor Regional Center Clients and Harbor Regional Center Clients That Are Conserved


A law provides that an individual under a conservatorship who has lost his or her right to vote can have their right to vote restored. 

This is to inform you of the requirements of a law, Senate Bill (SB) 589, which became effective on January 1, 2016. Courts are implementing the law by restoring voting rights at the time of the biennial conservatorship reviews.

However, if a conserved client wants to vote in an upcoming election,  s/he will need to notify the probate court and register to vote by the voter registration deadline for an upcoming election. 

Unless the person is found incapable of communicating that desire, the person’s right to register to vote shall be restored and the court shall also notify the county elections official”. Section 2209 (b) of the Election Code

A conserved HRC client who has not yet done so, who wants to register  and vote in an upcoming election, must inform the probate court or an agent of the probate court that he or she wants to vote. The probate court then notifies the County Registrar of Voters to reinstate the individual’s voting rights. Once the County Registrar of Voters is notified and the client’s voting rights are restored, the client should contact the Registrar of Voters to complete their voter registration.

A client under conservatorship can simply write to the presiding judge of the probate court or to a court investigator and indicate, “I want to vote”. The letter should include the probate court’s conservatorship case number. Once the statement is received by the court and the court verifies that the letter is from the conserved client, the court should enter an order to restore the individual’s voting rights and provide notification to the County Registrar of Voters.

The address and telephone number of the Superior Court of the California Probate Division are listed on the right.