Arturo, or “Artie” to his friends and family, lives with his parents. He has a diagnosis of Autism.

He is quite independent in most daily living skills, such as making purchases at the store, using the telephone, cooking simple meals, and helping with household chores. He is also a regular customer at restaurants and at a video store near his home. He takes public buses to go to work, recreational activities, doctor and dentist appointments, independently.

While still in high school, Arturo began a part-time vocational training position at the TRW Corporation. He has very successfully maintained this position as a valued employee for eleven years. He receives supported employment services from the Department of Rehabilitation, which provides a job coach to look in on him and provide occasional on-the-job support when needed. Although Arturo is almost completely independent in his job performance, his job coach helps to reinforce positive work skills and to reduce any inappropriate behaviors, such as talking, or singing to himself too loudly at work.

Arturo can manage his own basic financial activities, such as keeping a balance book, making bank deposits, and writing checks, with some assistance. His parents serve as his co-conservators and representative payee for Social Security Income benefits. Arturo contributes a portion of his income to the family household, and plans his budget so that he can buy special things that he wants, take vacations, etc.

Arturo has many special interests and hobbies, including an enjoyment of music, television, and films. He has an incredible memory for details such as the lyrics for an extensive mental library of songs, television jingles, movie credits, dates, etc. He has a very winning personality, and is quite an entertaining conversationalist, especially on the topic of these hobbies.