Contact our staff


To send an email to an HRC staff member 

follow the format of

Calling our Main Number  (310) 540-1711

Calling our main number above will connect you to Harbor Regional Center. Your call will be answered by an automated attendant.

During regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, callers to our main number may select from the following options:

  • Enter the telephone extension or last name of an individual staff member. (See Roster below)
  • Obtain information on how to apply for services.
  • Speak to the HRC Resource Center.
  • Speak to a live Operator during regular business hours.

After hours, callers will hear automated options for leaving a message for the next business day. On-call emergency assistance is available for HRC clients.

Staff Roster

We encourage you to skip the automated directory and use our direct dial telephone directory for all HRC staff members. Please use the (310) area code when calling one of these numbers.

HRC Staff Directory (Alphabetical)   

HRC Staff Directory (by Department)

For General Information

If after reviewing the About Us and Services sections of this website, you still have questions about Harbor Regional Center services, you may wish to send an email to:
Nancy Spiegel, Director of Information and Development.

If after reviewing the People We Serve and Resource sections of this website, you need further resource information, you may wish to send an email to: The HRC Resource Center.