Developmental Toy Lending Library


At the HRC Resource Center you will now find a range of developmental toys that are available for check-out. From story readers to sentence building blocks, parents can borow toys which promote cognitive, language,and motor development.

The Toy Lending Library was created by a special educator to offer fun and developmentally appropriate toys to take home and use. Toy play will stimulate children and helps to increase their skills.

Each toy in our library comes with a toy dialogue. With a toy dialogue inside each bag, you and your child will be able to play with the toy at home while developing specific skills.The toy dialogue helps parents to teach basic language skills, physical skills, or cognitive to their children. Below is an example of a toy dialogue:

Remove all the puzzle pieces from the Board. Show your child the Letter A, and then say, “Can you say A? Very good! A is for apple. A- apple.”