Manager of Diversity & Inclusion


The Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, under direction of the Director of Children’s Services, is responsible for managing the Center’s Diversity Initiative to promote the delivery of culturally inclusive and responsive services and supports for all clients with developmental disabilities and their families, pursuant to the provisions of the Lanterman Act as well as the policies established by the Harbor Regional Center Board of Trustees.

Essential Duties

The Manager of Diversity and Inclusion will provide leadership for the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that promote and support the purpose, vision and values of Harbor Regional Center by:

  • Analyzing data and community input, to identify challenges and opportunities for growth, for service equity and inclusion within Harbor Regional Center  
  • Identifying organizational goals, performance measures and desired outcomes for Diversity and Inclusion within Harbor Regional Center
  • Identifying and supporting opportunities for cross cultural training and communications for staff, board and service providers
  • Implementing internal and external communication strategies, including social media, newsletters, and website, to inform employees and the community on Harbor Regional Center Diversity and Inclusion initiatives 
  • Coordinating with state and local agencies in support of organizational goals, including management and supervision of service access and equity initiatives.
  • Supervising and/or coordinating with staff involved in family support, inclusion, service access and equity initiatives.
  • Planning and implementation of outreach efforts designed to identify, educate and inform client families in under-served communities, in partnership with community based organizations.
  • Coordinating with service coordination departments for the implementation of outreach, training, and information programs to support client/family engagement.

Environmental/Physical Activity

The Manager of Diversity and Inclusion works in a non-confined setting in which he or she is free to move about at will. The environment for this position is mostly clean and comfortable but may include some minor annoyances such as noise, odors, drafts, etc. In addition, the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion may spend time at client homes and other community-based services sites. The Manager of Diversity and Inclusion may be exposed to clients and their families who may become volatile or emotional.

In the course of performing this work, the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion will spend substantial time standing, sitting, speaking and listening. He or she will also be required to travel via personal vehicle or public transportation to other offices, client homes, service provider settings, and community locations as needed. He or she:

  • Will spend time sitting, utilizing the computer.
  • Will spend time standing/walking throughout the center.
  • May lift up to 15 lbs. periodically.
  • May stoop or stretch to access file cabinets, shelves.

The individual in this position may operate any standard office equipment including telephones, copy machines, scanning equipment, computer peripheral equipment, etc.

Computer software may include any or all of the following:

  • Microsoft Office including Word, Outlook, Power Point
  • Virtual CHART
  • Learning Management System
  • Online electronic newsletter program
  • Online grant management program

The Manager of Diversity and Inclusion must be able to perform this job safely, without endangering the health or safety of him/herself or others.  Individuals with disabilities that may impact their ability to perform these duties are encouraged to meet with Human Resources to discuss options for accommodation.


These specifications are general guidelines based on the minimum experience normally considered essential to the satisfactory performance of this job.  Individual abilities may result in some deviation from these guidelines.

To perform effectively in this position, the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion must have:

  • A master’s degree in human services, public relations, communications, or public administration
  • Not less than two years of experience in a related field, with experience in providing services for individuals/families with developmental disabilities, and in the promotion of diversity and inclusion, preferred.
  • Demonstrated project management ability, with problem-solving skills and a demonstrated ability to apply independent judgment in critical situations
  • Adaptable multi-tasking skills, with the ability to control and move forward on several priorities simultaneously including switching priorities as required without losing momentum.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to translate metrics, research and trends into strategy
  • Enthusiastic commitment to the vision, mission and core values of the Center as well as compassion and respect for all clients and their families
  • Outstanding public speaking, presentation, and training skills including curriculum development and implementation
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally, in writing, and via social media with individuals and groups from a variety of educational and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Experience working with families from diverse cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds; an understanding of family systems and human dynamics
  • Familiarity with the various community-based resources and organizations that serve people with developmental disabilities
  • Familiarity with the laws and regulations governing services and supports for people with developmental disabilities; especially including the Lanterman Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and related regulations
  • Bilingual, Spanish-speaking preferred
  • A valid California driver’s license, current automobile insurance, adequate transportation and a driving record acceptable to the Center and/or its insurance carrier

Please submit your resume to or fax to HR @ 310-316-5016