Service Coordinator



Under the direction of a Client Services Manager, Service Coordinators are responsible for providing service coordination for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to enable them to participate in family and community life as fully as possible and to do so pursuant to the provisions of the Lanterman Act as well as the policies established by the Harbor Regional Center Board of Trustees.

Essential Duties

  • Individual and family assessment and needs identification.
  • Planning for provision of appropriate services and support.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of service delivery and advocacy.

Skills and Abilities

Understanding of family systems and human dynamics.

Familiarity with the prevailing philosophy in the field of developmental disabilities.

Strong organizational and time management skills.

Demonstrated ability to work independently and cooperatively as a part of an interdisciplinary team.

Effective oral and written communication skills.

Minimum Employment Standards

Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or related human services field and at least 1 year post BA/BS paid work experience. A related master’s degree is preferred.

Not less than 1 year experience working in programs offering child and family assessment services, case management/service coordination, family support and referral services, or similar services.

Preferred but not required- bilingual in Chinese, French, American Sign Language, German, Japanese, Khmer, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. 

Valid California driver license and State-required insurance.

Environment/Physical Activity

The service coordinator is in a non-confined setting in which he or she is free to move about at will. The environment for this position is mostly clean and comfortable but may include some minor annoyances such as noise, odors, drafts, etc. In addition, the service coordinator spends time at client homes and other community facilities. The service coordinator may be exposed to clients and their families who may become volatile or emotional.

Computer software may include any or all of the following

Microsoft Office including Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Virtual CHART


Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.

Other Requirement:

Upon job offer acceptance, candidates will be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination and booster if eligible. A reasonable accommodation may be requested for an exemption from the Covid-19 vaccination requirement.

Starting Salary Range: $54,267- $64,688

Equal Opportunity Employer

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