Services that HRC Purchases from Programs and Clinicians in the Community


Behavior Services

Behavior services are available to assist parents/ caregivers to apply principles of behavior intervention, and teach new skills using individualized and practical examples.

Day Care

For working parents of children who are not able to receive care from typical daycare resources, HRC may provide daycare support in a typical daycare setting or in home.

Interpreter and Translator Services

HRC may provide an interpretation of spoken communication at meetings with HRC, and translation of written communication (Individual/ Family Service Plan), from English into the primary language of the client/family.

Medical, Dental, and Nursing Services

To meet medical, dental, and nursing needs for clients who do not have other health care resources such as private insurance, MediCal, or EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment program), assistance may be provided as needed. A nursing assessment or in-home nursing care may be provided to support the family in meeting special health care needs.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

HRC may provide assessment of medical needs, and provide assistance in identifying community resources such as Medi-Cal. If such resources are not available, we may contribute to the purchase of supplies and equipment, such as a wheelchair, specialized bed, etc.

Respite Care

Temporary relief from care and supervision may be provided to parents or other primary caregivers for clients with significant self-care deficits, ongoing medical needs, or behavioral challenges. Respite services are provided in the client/family home, by staff of home care agencies. In family-directed respite, family members may refer trusted friends or relatives to be employed by the home care agency, to provide respite care for your family member. Out-of-home respite care may be provided in a licensed home setting, if available.

Therapy Programs: Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Infant Development Programs, Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism

Parent educational programs and groups led by therapists help parents learn techniques you can use to work with your child at home, and promote your child’s development.

If your child needs individual therapies, or behavioral health treatment services for the treatment of autism, and these are considered medically necessary, your Service Coordinator can guide you in obtaining a prescription from your doctor, and obtaining these services through your private health insurance plan or through Medi-Cal.

The regional center may assist families with funding to cover deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments for medically necessary therapies and treatments, when a private health insurance plan is providing coverage for such services, and the family qualifies based upon limited income.

Some infant development programs may be purchased by the regional center if they are not available through private insurance or publicly funded programs.


Based upon individual/family needs, HRC can help to connect families to appropriate transportation services in the community, such as public transportation, community paratransit services, etc. HRC also offers transportation support, when this is needed to allow the child and parent to participate in informational presentations by HRC or a service identified on the Individual/Family Service Plan.

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